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hardwood flooring

Quality made to last…

From traditional smooth finishes to hand scraped planks loaded with character, rich exotics from around the world, or American exotics, like hickory, walnut or cherry, no  flooring adds more warmth to a home than hardwood. For durability and longevity, solid hardwood flooring looks and feels great underfoot. Most pre-finished styles offer warranties of at least twenty-five years. When the time comes, they can be refinished several times. If you are planning on using hardwood in a basement or renovation, engineered or floating floors offer amazing flexibility. They have a lower profile and can be glued, stapled or floated over an existing floor. With unique and visually stunning options in every category, the hardest part is choosing your favorite.

Many consumers today consider the impact their choices have on the environment. We are proud to offer bamboo flooring, a rapidly renewable resource, in both natural and stain colors. Cork flooring, made from harvesting the bark of cork trees, is another environmentally friendly selection.  Hardwood is a beautiful, natural, durable flooring choice that just gets better with age.


Hardwood Brands:

Mirage Baltic
Armstrong HardwoodTrillium Bamboo
Bella CeraTeragren Bamboo
HomerwoodWicanders Cork

Traditional Hardwood

Hardwood-Flooring, traditional style
Beautiful, naturally...
These floors highlight the natural characteristics of wood. Natural oak or maple strip or plank in smooth durable finishes blend well in older homes. Stain colors range from soft grays to rich browns. You'll love this floor for years to come.

Hand Scraped Planks

Hardwood-Flooring, hand-scraped
Hand crafted style...
For one of the hottest looks in flooring today choose rustic wide planks. These beautiful floors are available in hand scraped, or the softer hand sculpted look, solid or engineered versions, in several price points. For a really custom look, consider a smoked or wire brushed option.


Cork Flooring
Earth friendly...
For a softer, warmer and quieter hardwood floor, cork fills the bill. Cork is a renewable resource that has been used successfully for flooring for many years. It's now available in lots of stylish colors and offers thermal and acoustic insulation, so it's great for basements or media rooms.


Bamboo Flooring
Rugged good looks...
Bamboo has become a very popular flooring choice. Made of a rapidly renewable resource, strand bamboo is one of the hardest floors available. Now offered in natural and a wide range of stain colors and surface treatments, it's easier than ever to find the floor you love.